You'll never see me naked... !

I have been a clothes obsessive and "style maker" for as long as I have been keeping sketch books, borrowing my mum's clothes and playing dress-up. This lead me to a career in fashion and I have been designing for the British high street for over 12 years. Along with my other pastime of keeping my two toddlers alive, this is a blog of a little creative self indulgence. What do we designers do in our spare time?... er, think about more clothes (as well as art, design, interiors, travel, books, food, celebs, woman's hour, chin hair, how long is it until the kids go to sleep, will there ever be peace in the Middle East) and important stuff like that.

Step inside my infinite wardrobe if you will... a sketch book where the pages never run out.  A place to share my sometimes numerous outfit changes and endless identities crisis'.  My musings on trends. The people, places and images that inspire. The pieces I make or alter. And a somewhere to show and develop my passion for illustration. All with a healthy layer of sarcasm, humour and an overuse of puns; sorry, not sorry. If you are reading this blog... thank you so much for taking the time.

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