boulder shoulders

There's a new silhouette in town... we've see her sort around before. She's staging her comeback. You may not recognise her though, she's changed.... 

I'm talking about the strong shoulder of course! Strong shoulders, for strong women.  

A post feminism thing? Post Trump thing? 80s thing? Probably all of them in some way but its not a pastiche. Women are not trying to emulate men to recreate the angular, power dressing look of the 80s. Political and social stars are currently aligned and designers are amongst the first to realise a shift in the air...  When Maria Grazia Chiuri sent Amanda Googe down the runway with the now infamous slogan tee, 'WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS' with a delicate embroidered tulle skirt, she captured the essence of the season. We have come so far in the western world that many believe we have equality, however that is far from the truth globally. And if Trump's presidency is anything to go by, the flight continues on our doorstep. So I guess its a look that understands the contradictions we live with. This time we know what we are doing and we are in charge. With 2017's strong shoulder there's no loss of femininity. They are softly rounded and the waist cut to accentuate the point. No need to shout, our message is coming through load and clear.


This is the look that excites me the most at the moment. I've even been to John Lewis to buy shoulder pads and feel like adding them to everything! A lot of designers are working this silhouette if you can afford (chiefly Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney above) but I have found and a fantastic top from Mango Committed for £39.99. It will make both your wallet and your conscience happy 😊 

I do love it but for me it is seriously lacking in the waist department. Fortunately I have found a quick and easy hack...


Begin by turning the top inside out and pinning deep (about an inch tucks where darts would be and stop below the bust on yourself in front of the mirror. I also took 3cm from the side seams at the waist and 4 at the back. Remove the top without hurting yourself, ouch. If you have survived unscathed then proceed to the next step... (making the waist very fitted will require a side zip)

Now check your measurements. The darts need to be exactly to same and equidistant. Otherwise you could have a wonky boob and no-one wants that 😜 Also check that you are sewing each side seam equally.

Just a quick sew and press - off you go!! You should be left with 2 deep inverted tucks at the front and more shape throughout. Let me know if you try this and wish to read more posts by following me on Bloglovin and Instagram, mwah 


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