in the Ditch

An afternoon mooching the streets with the cool kids... (actually a quick escape from my little kiddos at home) is one of my most favourite things to do. A visual feast as soon as you step off the East London line at Shoreditch High Street. This is the place where I feel most at home. 

I dress, therefore I am..!  If not the locals, then the street art is sure to inspire. Something new and exciting around every stinky corner 😉 Cross the road and slip down the side of Shoreditch House (sadly I do not have membership, boo) and you will find these large scale beauties adorning the walls. 

A hit of my favourite road currently, Redchurch street. Starting from the top, it has the fab brunch spot The Albion and also fantastic Boundary rooftop bar/restaurant. Plus beautiful shops of A.P.C and Aime but I wanted to focus on the places that I often overlook and share some new finds...

Apologies for the terrible picture of this fantastic shoe shop Miista - well worth a look

A coffee crawl is an easy and favoured pastime down of mine down Redchurch street... so many great venues and a lot of the shops serve it too. Modern Society is a beautifully styled boutique with great coffee to boot. You could be sprinting by the time you reach Brick Lane so go easy on the flat Whites. However the homemade cakes, coffee and lunch at Franze and Evans are superb 😋

I had a bit of an agenda this afternoon to find some vintage pieces essential to my wardrobe. And not spending any cash as I've broken my piggy bank with a recent denim jack purchase... more of that later. Head down Brick Lane and through to Cheshire Street for a cluster of Vintage hauls....


I was seeking out a granny floral frock, (or at least something I could style and channel Preen or Balenciaga) and a wide belt. Vintage Basement above (Cheshire Street) really came up trumps for me today. Very cheap. I found a nice white leather belt - not too wide and a fab floral maxi wrap-over skirt (that could be made into something else) plus a Brucie Bonus of a shell suit jacket. That's right, a shell suit! I feel it coming back and I'm getting in early. This one was a fairly subdued on the colour front and again, a BARGAIN. All in at £25, lovely jubbly.

The big trends were vintage sportswear, striped shirts, 80s blouses, denim, i.e. 501s and jackets, kimonos and 70s florals. Oh, and sofas - ❤️ the 80s floral 3 seat!!

Search & Destroy on Cheshire street has the best edit of vintage in the area in my opinion. Its got a really great LA cool vibe with is embroidered 70s kaftans and prints, amazing bags and belts. It's good quality stuff but it ain't cheap so I had to make do with these pictures of myself today.