6 style notes from copenhagen's streets

It's always fashion week somewhere in the world and another FW means another chance to immerse oneself in the most fashionables' wardrobes. Rarely do I know who's who. Nor do I care. I simply love to see trend and styling evolve. Individual’s experimental ensembles jostling for sartorial notoriety. This year, Copenhagen gave great street – a relaxed take on Maximalism… here’s what to know

"Street Style" has developed into quite the sport over the years. Many publications and websites observe the scenes outside the shows. The gathering of a small sub-culture that is fashion's inner circle. with writers, journalists, photographers, designers, bloggers, influencers and collectors all dressing-up in attendance.  Did you know that what is on the outside counts almost much as what is on the inside?? Many Instagram accounts thrive on a “look” seen and featured en route to one of these shows. People may view the contrived outfits and IT bags with cynicism. PRs gifted designer pieces, and celebrities paid to wear them in extreme get-ups; it has no relevance to “normal” lives or daily routine but au contraire! People really do live their lives like this. I'm not saying they look exactly like this when making a dash for a pint of milk, they have clearly made an effort. But don't we all dress up when we have something important to do? 

Maybe it's me - I am happy to seem ridiculous when taking the kids to the farm if I like my outfit that day. I can't understand people that always dress down (and don't get me started on the deterioration of theatre dressing!). Aged seven, I was caught sneaking my rah-rah skirt to school for PE. My dad said, “it isn’t a fashion parade!” How wrong he was; every day is a fashion parade Dad. And what could be better than dressing for fashion week? 

Maxing Out

You know that Maximalism is BIG when the Scandinavians adopt it. Known for their tasteful retrain when it comes to style. They are most comfortable in a monochrome palette. Taking pride in classic contemporary design. A highly considered aesthetic with clever cutting. Think Marlene Birger, COS and Skandium. The land that brought us “Normcore”. This look has dominated as the epitome of good taste in our homes and wardrobes for a several years now. Well, no more…

This year the streets of Copenhagen were a riot of colour and print. Proving that even the most tasteful aren’t immune to the joys of excess. I love it. Pile it on, I say. The more the merrier. Party on the bod-day! However, if you have ever tried this seemingly haphazard styling yourself, you will know that it’s not as easy as it looks (I've had many failed attempts – inside and outside of my bedroom). Colours and prints are artfully placed to compliment or clash perfectly. Pieces juxtaposed to look clever without looking mental. The Skandis know just how to hit the right note – see the Ganni girls


Remember when you were little and you had your very first best friend. You admired each other so much that you wanted to be exactly the same. Have the same stuff, dress the same, and look the same. Then you get older and the copy-cat friend is literally the. worst. Why can’t she find her own vibe and stop crushing on yours? All the while, you secretly covet her stuff. Followed by the pensive teen years where you enjoy experimentation and individuality but only within the confides of your sub-culture. By your twenties it’s a very supportive group. The chat goes like this, “what are you wearing tonight?” “My Topshop printed mini dress. You?” “Oh, you look amazing in that. Do you want to borrow my earrings? If you wear that, I’ll go in my jumpsuit.” Supportive, yes, but don’t step on my shoes girlfriend. Because heaven forbid that you are both wearing the same thing at the same time and perhaps she looks better. This didn’t worry Copenhagen’s fashion elite though. 

Copenhagen Fashion week sketch - selfish wardrobe.jpg

1. Double Entandre

The biggest trend this year was twinning. Lots of girls were spotted together as a double act. Strength in numbers they say? It certainly adds impact. So, the next time you’re shopping, make sure you buy two of everything. The friends that shop together, stay together. 

copenhagen fashion week illustration - selfish wardrobe.jpg

2. Style Tribe

Forgot to coordinate with your BFF? Never fear. Spot a fellow fashionista with a similar bag/shoe/frock and loiter close. It won’t be long before a photographer snaps you. Sniff out your entourage add weight to trends. Like this one above, the repeat of the florals is so strong I bet you’re already googling it.

3.     Bags of style

This is something that I have just not been ready to admit before now… Everyone is carrying their bags. Everyone. The cross-body is no more. I am partially devastated by this news as the love-of-my-accessory-life is my Gucci handbag. It kept me smiling (hands free) whilst pushing the buggy to Twinsclub. However, the fashion world has moved on. The mini bag is the new cool girl in town and I have a bit of a crush on her. But what to do? I don’t have the answer here; my funds won't stretch to the Balenciaga Triangle bag and it’s against my religion to wear Primark. Please fill in the comments below if you know of a solution.

Copenhagen fashion week - selfish wardrobe.jpg

4.     Balenciaga is king of the streets

No surprise here really. I would agree. What Demna Gvasalia et al have achieved is truly stunning. The fashion elite are lapping up Balenciaga’s ironic take on luxury fashion in new proportions. Many an outfit centred around at least one of their pieces or a derivative of….  Bold, granny florals, Knife boots, denim jackets, exaggerated blazers, sock trainers, shirting stripes, white shoes and hoodies are wardrobe staples

copenhagen fashion week 2017 - selfish wardrobe.jpg

5.     Colour Mate

Different styles, same palettes. You may not be dancing to the same beat but you are listening to the same album. I love the picture of Sara Jin Smidt, Laura Lawaetz and Mie Juel all wearing light blues and strong reds in different ways. 

6.     Go big or go home

The outfits with the biggest impact, were indeed the largest. Strong florals appeared on maxi dresses. Loud prints across sets. Long A-symmetric skirts or pink power suits. But instead of toning these shouts for attention down they are amped up with bright coloured accessories. Nobody puts baby in the corner. Especially when attending Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Main photo credit Annabel Rosendahl