the september issue

One moment you’re tasting your first sip of Aperol outside the pub, the next, you’re packing denim cut-offs into the box labelled summer. And that’s it, Summer’s done, before you’ve even noticed it. Time to get serious. September’s fresh air brings a jolt of cold reality. Holiday’s over kids. Within one weekend all thoughts of pompom trims, kaftans and gingham are banished like an extinguished barbeque. My mind turns to DIY, a blank sketchbook, wardrobe refresh and pies. I love this month. Like the fresh start of January without the self-imposed alcohol ban. New term, new books and new uniform. All unblemished, full of promise.


This is usually when I feel the urge to throw myself into the latest trends, full throttle. September is a BIG month for fashion. The Autumn/Winter collections are now completely launched. Sales finally clear from the stores (or at least they should have – it’s been going on for months now, yawn) to be replaced with brand new looks to wrap our heads around. The heavy September issues land on the doormat for which I am almost salivating at the thought of new treats inside. Ready to transform wardrobe and my life. Rich Autumn colours, cosy knits, heavy jackets, tweedy textures.…


OK, so I’m getting way ahead of myself and the climate here. The truth is, whilst there may be a few leaves on the ground, you’ve washed off the tan from your hols and Bake-off’s back on the telly it’s not quite time for long boots and puffa jackets. Despite what the high-street thinks, we’re not ready to wander around in shearling and snuggle in mohair come the 1st of September.


So how do you dress when you want to feel completely different but the season has barely changed? Well mix it up with the weather. Layer like a cake. It’s a fantastic climate to dress for. Ideal for over styling! Discovering a few pieces from the depths of your attic or a couple of purchases can reinvigorate your look whilst you wait for the cold to set in. Here are my tips below.

coloured tights-selfish wardrobe.jpg

1 Tights for sore eyes

A light leg covering can be a wonderful thing when the hairs on your legs don’t provide enough warmth. As mentioned in 10 style hacks from Resort 18 coloured legs are back! Balenciaga is the culprit and I’m super excited about this trend. I had a full rainbow of leg hues whilst at uni. My favourite pastime; deciding which shoes to contrast them with.  Sadly, the moths claimed them years ago so I’ve just bought 3 new pairs for 2017. Bolder the better. Wear with sandals until the rain sets in.

blazer-selfish wardrobe.jpg

2 Blazer sharp

The perfect transitional jacket. If you don’t have an 80’s number kicking around or haven’t bought one this summer, I feel you may require a new purchase. It could be the missing jigsaw piece to your transitional wardrobe puzzle. This season the shape is definitely “borrowed from Grandad”. The shoulder is wide and the body straighter and longer. Colour looks great or go for check to see you through to winter. 

3 Boot camp

Yes, September means your annual hunt for boots has begun. I always get myself into a bit of a tizz searching for the perfect ankle boot in August. I have to have a word, reminding myself that it’s only a boot. This year I am desperate for a reasonably priced silver pair but alas no luck so far (please send me any suggestions otherwise I will have to place an ad in the lonely-hearts section). In the meantime, I will be happily donning last year’s with pretty floral frocks and skirts. Strictly bare leg obvs.

saatchi galery-selfish wardrobe.jpg

4 Jeans at large

You’ve been straight-legged all summer and now it’s time for a change. Wide-leg is the hottest new kid on the block. This is the ideal month to try the leg shape. Cool enough to go full length but not too wet. Because lord knows, it’s impossible to wear wide-leg jeans in the rain. My sale purchase, Rachel Comey’s, working nicely here with sandals and a blazer.

bright knit-selfish wardrobe.JPG

5 Bright young knits

My knitwear drawer usually looks as though I’ve had a personality transplant. It is a sophisticated palette of muted greys and stones. I don’t know what happens when I buy knitwear, but like my silk blouses they are all alike. I am a sucker for a soft grey sweater. Not this year though. Two purchases already, one green and one pink! I cannot stop wearing the pink one. Try it, you might like it. A bright coloured knit is ideal for adding warmth without looking wintery. 

shirt-selfish wardrobe.jpg

6 hang on to your shirt tails

Chances are you already have a shirt or ten. It’s not a new trend. But it’s not going anywhere. Grab a stripy number in the sales if you don’t have one already. Check out my post on stripes and also the resort shows for styling inspiration.  A shirt might just be the hardest working item of the year. It just needs restyling for Autumn. I’m giving the backwards thing a go… let me know your thoughts.


floral dress-selfish wardrobe.jpg

7 Take it to the maxi

A long floral dress. Definitely sounds like a summer frock, doesn’t it? And you can wear your summer dress, right though to December. Check out my post Granny florals for more info. Just style with tights, sandals and a biker jacket shrobed over the shoulders. Or an amazing pair of boots (if I ever find them). There are also tons of new gorgeous dresses out there. A floral frock is so key you can always find new reasons/excuses to buy more. From delicate poseys to big blooms; dressing like a florist is really hot right now.