next best thing

Hello, my name is Natalie and I am an Instagram junky. There, I said it. Since creating selfishwardrobe I have become hooked. So many gorgeous images, a visual feast for the gluttonous eye. I have to admit, I was LTTP and thought it was like Facebook without words. Another way to keep in touch with family and friends. Make your holiday snaps better by pretending they were taken in the 70s. It seems so easy too. Just snap and share. Look and like! (🤔 could this be their new slogan?) It's only now that I'm understanding Insta's draw. Beginning to feel as if I am part of a secret fashion community. I'd never get to see the inside of Leandra Medine's closet, know what Sarah Harris likes for breakfast or where Charlotte Groeneveld gets her macarons from without it! Now I'm with them all the way. The openness and the insight into an inspirational life is great.

The reality in most cases is that it's simply advertising. I don't mean that to sound cynical. From the personal; we curate our lives and aesthetic to project our best, most interesting side. To the commercial; follow the brands you love to see their latest offerings and more will find you. Adverts for holidays, bodies, clothes, food, celebrities, ourselves... and it's all free! Genius, right? As long as it's a good angle with the right filter I'm sold. Companies are now harnessing the power of Instagram's interactive communities to do the work for them. Even better.

A newbie to the fashion blogging scene, I have participated in some interactive projects and competitions as a way of generating more interest in my work and site. More free advertising for them and an interesting project with the chance of more eyeballs for me. Win, win. The latest is one from Next. Simply post your outfit featuring one item from Next with #NextStreetStyle to be entered into a competition judged by the infamous Phillip Oh and possibly gain a holiday to the Caribbean. Win, win, win! Yes please. I have no idea if my entries will be successful but it has resulted in a fun morning of styling anyhoo (and as intended some purchases from Next too). Back in my home town of Nottingham around a now less familiar Hockley.

next widely trousers and shirt styling.jpg
basket bag and coffee styled with next t and trousers.jpg
styling next trousers and resort shirt
next floral dress and stripe shirt with white shoes
next floral dress and mules styling in Nottingham
styling mixed florals in Nottingham.jpg
styling mixed florals at broadway cinema.JPG
styling mixed florals and sport socks.jpg
Photographing with stripes and floral next dress.jpg

I'm not a regular shopper at Next but doing something like this is a good reminder to keep your eyes open. There is usually something to catch your magpie. Hidden little gems.... below are the pieces I have styled and others I like. I can't find the tapestry mules to link on the website - try asking in store. Scroll the gallery from left to right: Mules  Dress  Socks.  Shirt  Shoes  Trousers. Skirt  Tee   Blouse